As Many of you know Jim has retired and we sold the ranch.  He
bought a 40' Beneteau sailboat in Anacortes Washington and I agreed
to sail for 1 year, possibly 2.   We moved onto the boat the end of
April, it's in Anchor Cove Marina and we set sail  Mother's Day

I still own about a dozen cows and they are leased out to friends and
good homes.  Many of the calves will be available for sale,  feel free
to inquire about purchases, just let me know what you are looking

These pages will be Photos of where we have been. For anyone who
wishes they could just quit work and play I invite you to sail along
with us.  I do tend to take more pictures of animals than of places
and things, but I'm working on it.  If you have any questions, just
ask.  I will have a computer and in some areas will be able to connect
to the internet, just not as often as I would like.

Bonnie Sicard
SAILING 2008-2009
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Chapters average about
10 pages long.
Chapter 2: May 2008 The San Juan Islands
Chapter 1: April 2008 Getting Ready
Chapter 3: Memorial Week-end, Puget Sound
Chapter 4: June 2008, Puget Sound
Chapter 5: Northern San Juan Islands
Chapter 6: June Southern Gulf Islands
Chapter 8: June Northern Gulf Islands
Chapter 7: June Gulf Islands
Chapter 9: Newcastle Island/Nanaimo
Chapter 10: July Mainland British Columbia
Chapter 11: July Desolation Sound, BC.
Chapter 12: July Cortez-Redonda Islands
Chapter 13: July Heading Back South
Chapter 14: Southeast Vancouver Island
Chapter 15: San Juan Islands
Chapter 16: San Juan Islands
Chapter 17: North, San Francisco
Chapter 18: Central Coastline
Chapter 19: Santa Barbara Channel
Chapter 20: S.Barbara Channel, con't
Chapter 21: Santa Catalina Island
Chapter 22: San Diego, Halloween
San Diego Zoo
Chapter 23:  Nov - Baja Coast
Chapter 24: Sea of Cortez
Chapter 25: Mazatlan, Thanksgiving
Chapter 26: Dec -Isla Isabela
Chapter 27: San Blas
Chapter 28: jungle cruz
Chapter 29: Chacala & La Cruz
Chapter 30: Ipala & Perula
last page April 29th,
Chapter 31: Tenacatita
Chapter 32: Barra Navidad, Christmas
Traveling South
Coming back
Chapter 33: Bahia Santiago
Chapter 34: Cihuatlan
Chapter 35: Tenacatita
Chapter 36: La Manzailla
Chapter 37: Careyes/Colorado
Chapter 38: San Mateo/Chemela
Chapter 39: Puerto Vallarta Mtns
Chapter 40: San Sebastian
Chapter 41:Vallarta
Chapter 42: RinCon to Mazatlan
The Sea of Cortez
Chapter 43: Muertos
Chapter 44: Bonanza/Gabriel
Chapter 45: La Paz
Chapter 46: Isla Espirito Santo
Chapter 47: Isla San Francisco
Chapter 48: Isla San Jose
Chapter 49: San Evaristo
Chapter 50: El Gato
Chapter 51: Agua Verde
Chapter 52: Escondido
Chapter 53: Loreto
as of
Chapter 54: Javier Mission
Chapter 55: Ballandra/Coronado
Chapter 56: San Juanico
Chapter 57: Pulpito/ Chivo
Concepcion Bay
I've  FINALLY FINISHED Our 2008-2009  Sailing  Photos.
Chapter 58: Rosalita
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