Mid August, I had a great time at the Josephine Co. Fair,
Grants Pass OR.  2013
BUT, the most fun was after the open classes.
It was the Youth Showmanship.
A bunch of the 4-H & FFA kids and any others who want
to come down to the Open Beef Barn and borrow an Open
class animal for Youth Showmanship Classes.
For those kids that had never shown a cow before, a SR
Showperson went in with them and advised them what
they should be doing, as did judge.  The judge would tell
everyone as he stopped and started everyone 7/8 times
what they needed to improve on or do correctly.

JB ZENYATTA was a BIG HIT.  She was the perfect
little showgirl, and everyone wanted to use her.  She
was the only animal in every division, and let me tell
you even the judge commented on how well she was
doing even though she was exhausted by the time the
Pee-Wee class went in.
JB Zenyatta: now remember I had already showed her in 3 open Classes.
Then she showed in all the Showmanship Classes.
Class 1 above: JR showmanship:
This girl had never shown a cow (only horses).

Class 2 below: Intermediate, 2nd division.
Chloe also had never shown a cow.  She did AWESOME !

Class 3: Intermediate Championship.  she got a blue, and just missed the
Reserve Championship.
Class 4 below: SR Championship.
this was the only class that Zenya had an experienced showman
showing her.
Class 5 below: Pee-Wee Showmanship.
This little girl had her own ChiAngus, but it
was being a butt, so they asked to use Zenya.